Riviera Autrement - Stays in villas and apartments - Seasonal rental Riviera Autrement - Stays in villas and apartments - Seasonal rental

General Rental Terms

Confirmation by downpayment :

In order to secure your rental, Home Autrement requires a downpayment of 25% of the total amount of the rent. The total amount to be payed will be indicated on your reservation form.
The downpayment can be paid in four different ways :

  • Secure online payment
  • Bank transfert to Home Riviera on the account at Banque Société Marseillaise de Crédit, place des Moulins, 98000 Monaco:
    Bank account detail for transfer  : 30077 04960 16218800201 21 (Monte Carlo)
    Bank account detail  for international transfer : n° MC58 3007 7049 6016 2188 0020 121

If you use one of the last three above-mentioned methods of payment, your reservation will be held for 48h. After 48h, your option on the apartment is voided and the availability of the apartment cannot be guaranteed. A return e-mail will confirm your reservation.

Payment of the balance of your stay

15 days before your arrival you will receive an e-mall, asking you for the payment of the balance of your stay. 
This can be done in three different ways :

  • Secure online payment
  • Bank transfert to Riviera Autrement on the account at Banque :
    Bank account detail for transfer  : 30077 04960 16218800201 21 (Monte Carlo)
    Bank account detail  for international transfer : n°MC58 3007 7049 6016 2188 0020 121


You can also pay the balance upon your arrival, in cash in euro. Travellers Cheques are not accepted . No key will be given without the complete payment of your stay.


Once the balance of your stay has been paid, you will receive by e-mail the rental agreement.

Security deposit

A security deposit will be required. This security deposit covers the apartment for damages and theft. It also covers unpaid rentals, in need be.

For stays up to 3 months, the amount of security deposit depends on the surface area of the apartment :

  • Up to 39 m2 the security deposit is 500 €.
  • From 40 m2 to 59 m2 the security deposit is 1000 €.
  • From 60 to 79 sqm : 1 500 €
  • Over 80 sqm2 the security deposit is 2 000 €.

For longer stays, the amount of security deposit is of one month of the rent.

How to pay the security deposit

  • By authorisation of a debit on your credit card, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you prior to your arrival.
  • Deposit in cash is not allowed.
  • Security deposit will only be used in case of damage, unpaid rent, unappropiate behaviour (see below "use of the premesis")or not done cleannig. Otherwise, no money will be charged.

Reservation fee

There is a 30€ reservation fee, VAT included. This required fee allows us to maintain a high level of customer service. We do not bill our customers for bank fees.

Terms of cancellation

If you cancel your booking 30 days before your arrival, amounts paid will be refunded to you less 30 € booking fees.
If you cancel your booking less than 30 days before your arrival, amounts paid are not refunded.
Cancellation should be made by email, cancellations by phone are not admitted

Cancellations on the part of Riviera Autrement

If unexpected deteriorations or damages (fire – water damage – burglary, etc…) make an apartment unavailable, Riviera Autrement commits to relocating you to a comparable or superior apartment, located as close as possible to the one originally selected, without any changes to rental length, dates or cost. In case a relocation is impossible, the entirety of the amounts received by Riviera Autrement will be refunded to you. You will get a 30 € compensation.

Modifications at your request

As to modifications made at your request, concerning your arrival or departure date, or the choice of apartment. If the modification request is done 30 days before your arrival date, no fee will be applied.  Less than 30 days before your arrival , no modification will be accpeted.

What is included in our prices ?

Our prices include all taxes and charges related to the apartment, including (Water -Gas- Electricity –household linens- cleaning prior to your arrival –reception- ). No supplements will be asked of you, for a standard rental. Rental prices do not depend on the number of persons occupying the apartment, within the limit of the apartment’s stated occupancy. 
For example : whether you are two or three in an apartment with an occupancy of four people, the per night cost will be the same. Please note, our optional «special» services are at a supplemental cost.

Duration of rental

The minimum rental is TWO days. A two day rental minimum fee of 75 € VAT included is applied to cover rapid turn-over expenses. Your stay cannot exceed the number of nights indicated on your rental contract, unless by written agreement with Riviera Autrement.

Entries – Exits

Arrivals :

Arrival is handled at the apartment between 2 pm and 6 pm. At the time of your reservation, we ask that you indicate precisly your hour of arrival so that one of our agents can greet you at the premises. In the event of a delay, we ask that you warn us so we may reorganise accordingly. With your contract you will receive an itinerary and telephone number to contact in case of unexpected delays. A 30 € supplement will be billed to you should you arrive after 6pm, and the fees are of 50 € for an arrival after  8pm. Should the apartment be vacant the night prior to your arrival, we offer the possibility of entry before 2 pm. Should this concern you, please contact us and we will happily accommodate you.

Delay :

As one of our agent will wait in the apartment to welcome you, in case of delay at your arrival, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible. If delay exceeds one hour, an extra charge of 30 € will be due.

Departure :

Check-out time is between 8 am and 11 am. 
Our representative will meet you at the agreed time. A survey of the apartment will be done in your presence. The tenant will at this time return the keys. In the event that you must leave the apartment before 8 am, a supplement of 25 € will be charged. 
Should the apartment be vacant the evening of your departure date, it is possible to request to stay in the premises until 3 pm. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices to know whether this option is possible.
Any delay or absence at check out time will be charged 30 €.

Check Out Cleaning:

The apartment should be cleaned by the tenant before check out (except from linen and towels). Should the apartment not be left cleaned, a 80 € penalty will be taken from the security deposit.
If the tenant would not like to clean the apartment himself, he may buy the "Mog and Rags" cleaning service during the booking process.

Day Use

If your departure time must be after 3 pm we suggest that you extend your rental time to 7 pm, for a supplement of only 20% of the per night rate, provided that the apartment is not rented that evening. Should this apply to you, please contact us and we will try and satisfy your request.

Sundays and bank holidays

Please note that should you plan to arrive or depart on a Sunday or (French) bank holiday, there will be a 30 € supplement.

No-smoking apartments

For the health concerns of each and everyone of us, all of our apartments are no-smoking. We ask that you respect this choice for a better environment.

Apartment capacity

The number of people occupying the apartment must not exceed the number of beds indicated on the apartment description. No exceptions will be made. This policy guarantees our customers maximum comfort.

Use of the premises

Once the rental contract has been signed by both parties, the tenant agrees to comply to and respect the following rules :

  • The apartment is for personal use only. The apartment is not to be used for professional or commercial activities of any kind.
  • The apartment will be occupied by the signatory of the contract and by the people accompanying them and not exceed in number the occupancy indicated in the apartment description.
  • The tenant and accompanying occupants agree to not make noise or otherwise disturb other tenants and agree to respect the rules common to the building. Should the tenant ignore the rules of the building, they engage their sole responsibility.
  • The tenant will be financially responsible for any intentional or accidental damages, loss of keys occurring during their stay
  • Riviera Autrement will not be held responsible for cuts in water, gas or electrical service, or theft or damages involving the tenant’s personal effects. Nor will Riviera Autrement be held responsible for neighbourhood nuisances.In case of an inappropriate behaviour of the tenant disturbing the building's peace, an amount of 300 € could be taken at the neighbors request from the security deposit and the rental contract might immedialty end without reimboursment of the remaining days. Neighbors might also go to the Civil Court  for the determination of the disorder and its compensation.
  • The tenant will subscribe any insurance necessary for the protection of his goods and his person during the rent. He will also have to be covered for any damage, volunteer or not, for which he could be responsible for, regarding the apartment and of the pieces of furniture, including the cases of fire, damage of water and rob.
  • The tenant is required to leave the premises in the same condition in which he entered them, and to free them from any personal things. Should this clause not be respected, the tenant allows the agency to proceed to the necessary works. The expenses incurred will be deducted from the security deposit.